Vitamins and Supplements

Pharmacy Care of Tennessee believes in the importance of a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition, rest, and exercise. To aid you and your family in this endeavor, we offer a wide array of vitamins and supplements made with premium ingredients sourced from manufacturers that meet extremely stringent quality testing. What this means for you is very high-quality, professional grade vitamins and supplements that are more effective for their intended purpose. Without the fillers and impurities that many commercially available lines include, our products allow your body to truly get the most out of this added nutrition.

Not sure what vitamins and supplements are right for you? Take our Free personal health assessment powered by IDLife based on your current lifestyle, medications, and medical history at You will receive a customized listing of your nutritional recommendations. Pharmacy Care of Tennessee is proud to partner with IDLife to bring our patients this complimentary assessment tool and access to the IDLife vitamins and supplements. IDLife offers many other products that can assist in achieving overall greater health including weight loss. IDLife is changing the way many people view their health, and we are excited to be a part of that change!